Making Breakthrough…[Day 53]

Looking back…I talk a lot about breakthrough.

Sometimes I do feel like David in the Psalms when he asks of God ‘How long?’

Had a thought today though…my job is not to reason with God about the breakthrough but to just keep standing on the Word, to keep trusting in His statutes, to remain blameless before Him, to seek after God and right standing with him.

The small words will then become my experience. Words like…
…it came to pass…

‘Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord’ (Ps 119:1)

This week as I have been praying my level of expectation has increased. The confidence that God is about to do something incredible…I am becoming slightly giddy at the prospect. I cannot underestimate this Sunday at Xcel Darlington. The ‘coincidence’ of preaching a new series ‘Turning Points’ and then in your prayer times feeling like God is saying that this is a ‘turning point’ for Xcel Darlington cannot be missed. I am not one for ‘spiritualising’ stuff for the sake of it. But I cannot escape these thoughts.

Xcel Darlington partners…don’t miss out. This WILL BE a history making weekend. I realise that we plant, others water and it is God that brings the increase but, hey…we still have to play our part – right?

What do you think?

Xcel Darlington: The Big One

Been having some great Sundays throughout MASSIVE MARCH at Xcel Church Darlington. Loved that we have had the whole team across, bringing the word, encouraging us to go for it and really stretch out for growth.

So, Xcel Church Darlington. Are you ready?

This Sunday is THE BIG ONE.

We have set an audacious goal to get that studio room filled with 120 people. Together we can achieve it. It’s gonna be absolutely incredible too. History making for Xcel Darlington. Spread the word, be bold and courageous, ask someone to come. What’s the worst they can say?

This Sunday we start a new series…TURNING POINTS. Really looking forward unpacking some stuff from some turning points that individuals experienced when they met Jesus. Stuff we can learn as Christians that will help us help those around us come to a turning point with Jesus. After all, I guess that’s what many of us want.

People do not need all the answers to come to Xcel Darlington.
People do not need to be sorted before they can come to Xcel Darlington.
People do not need to change so they can come to Xcel Darlington.
Everyone and anyone can come. Just the way they are!

Get excited. Pray. Join with me in fasting on Wednesday & Thursday. Believe for a great weekend. To see peoples lives changed. For some of your friends to discover Jesus is more than they thought He was. To find out that Church is different to how they remember it.

Are you ready?

Favourite Things About Church

Loved this morning at Xcel Church Darlington.

Great atmosphere.
Great time of praise and worship.
Great words from Pastor Glyn & Pamela.

I love the packed out feeling of 92 people in the studio.
I love meeting new people.
I love that we moved things about.
I loved the decor, the canvases are great.

Don’t know about you but I think Xcel Church Darlington is the best place to connect with God. The momentum is definitely building and I am excited that very soon that room will be filled with 120 people.

Xcel Darlington partners…29th March. Let’s pack them in. If you have not signed up then you can do so right here. But the challenge is WHO WILL YOU BRING?

What’s your favourite thing about Church? (Whichever one you go to – not just Xcel)

Massive…If You Dare

Massive March continues. Pastor Chezz is coming to Darlo. Don’t miss out. 11am @ the Dolphin Centre.

Massive March is not just about growing Xcel – although that’s what we want. It’s also about growing ourselves. 1 year on…we can be MASSIVE…if we dare.

Dare to believe.
Dare to pray.
Dare to dream.
Dare to invest in yourself.
Dare to bring.
Dare to invite.

Xcel Church can make God famous. Make God MASSIVE in this region….IF YOU DARE.

Do you?

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing…Day 26

I think it was Stephen Covey who articulated this. It is such a truth that I think I am now getting a real grasp of. Problem is that it’s a really easy statement to make but a really hard one to keep. So many things do battle for my time and attention, it can be difficult to stay strong on the main thing.

Yesterday I posted about how seeking God is great but that the rewards come by working wholeheartedly. That’s when we prosper.

Then I read the post by Mark Batterson – read it here. This part in particular resonates strongly with me…what we need to do is refocus on doing the rights things: meditate on God’s word, pray through, obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit, genuinely love people. And when you do the right things, everything takes care of itself. This is exactly where I am at right now. I am so excited about what God is doing, would love to see more people at Xcel Darlington and can easily get caught up in the numbers game but just know that if we keep doing the right things God will honour that and we will prosper.

If I was becoming obsessed with numbers it was only because my heart is to reach people, make an impact in Darlington and see lives transformed as they discover the reality of living life the way God created it to be lived. Listen to me – making excuses.

I recognise that I must keep praying, meditating, believing God as well as the strategy, the study and the thinking side of Church. You cannot do one without the other but as Bill Hybels says…when leadership and discipleship collide (the process of growing people under Gods grace) always err on the side of what’s needed for discipleship.

We plant, we water…but God brings the increase. Bring it on. This Sunday is going to be incredible Xcel Darlington.

Seek God…Work Wholeheartedly [Day 25]

Reading the Bible is great. Loads of familiar friends and then the occasional verse that seems to jump out from nowhere. 2 Chronicles 31 tells us about King Hezekiah. He did right in the sight of the Lord. One phrase describing how he did life intrigued me as well as encouraging me that maybe I’m doing the right things in my desire for breakthrough…

‘In everything that he undertook in the service of God’s temple and in obedience to the law and commands, he sought his God and worked wholeheartedly. And so he prospered.’

Prosper=seek God+work wholeheartedly

To be wholehearted toward something is to show unconditional commitment, unstinting devotion, or unreserved enthusiasm. In other words ‘GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT!!’

On reflection, until fairly recently I probably did this…seek God but not work, or alternatively work but not seek God. It’s encouraging to see that it’s as a combination results are produced. Having made a statement of faith on Sunday at Xcel Darlington about seeing an increase in numbers throughout MASSIVE MARCH I am more determined than ever to SEEK GOD + WORK WHOLEHEARTEDLY so that Xcel Darlington will prosper.

How about you? Ever failed in this equation? Are you giving it all you’ve got?

Xcel Darlington: 1 Year Old

Can you believe it…one year on. Xcel Darlington is coming on strong. Time flies when you are living out your God-given purposes…and having fun along the way too.

We are on the brink.
We are ready for a breakthrough.
We are ready to celebrate our achievements – thank God for where He has brought us to and we are excited about where God is taking us.

Calling ALL Xcel Darlington partners. DON’T MISS OUT THIS SUNDAY. It’s going to be amazing.

MASSIVE MARCH will commence.
Let’s make it as BIG as possible.
Don’t just pray for growth…let’s bring people too.
Let’s see people’s lives impacted by the gospel.
Let’s get people talking.
Let’s challenge some thinking.
Let’s be Church like they never expected and mess with some preconceived ideas.

Tell us…
what has been your favourite moment?
what has been your favourite preach?
what would you like us to talk about during the rest of 2009?

Hold On…The Moment Will Come [Day 5]

When I read the story of David, anointed as King but not yet King, I marvel at his ability to continue to do the right thing, despite everything that was going on around him. He displays the opposite characteristics to those that Saul demonstrated.

Saul grew impatient.
Saul went with the crowd.
Saul was easily persuaded.
That’s why Saul missed out on God’s best for his life.

On the other hand, David was presented with ample opportunity to ‘deal with Saul’, even encouraged by his men to do so, dressing it up as something provided by the Lord. David holds on to his integrity, twice and proves that those who can do this, will not miss out on what God has prepared for them. It keeps you locked on to your destiny.

I am excited about what God is getting ready to do, in my life and in the life of Xcel Church. I truly believe that Xcel Darlington is ready to explode with growth, provided that we do it Gods way. As I believe for change over these 90 days, it would be easy to get frustrated when things don’t take the shape I think they should. Staying faithful is never easy, God never said it would be.

Tell us…
What do you when God has not come through yet?
Have you ever felt like you missed out because you didn’t wait for God?
Do you struggle sometimes with God’s timing on stuff?

I’ve been here before and will probably come this way again.

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