Vision Night

I really enjoy doing training sessions. A 30-minute session is a challenge but I hope that those who participated tonight managed to get something from it. The pace was fast but the comments were great.

You have to stick with what you know best so I stuck with leadership. Becoming the person you need to be to make the difference you want to make. Used the book You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader by Mark Sanborn as the basis for teaching. It’s an easy read but packed full of useful and challenging thinking about leadership. The influence and inspiration come from the person not the position. This means, anyone can make a difference if they adopt the right habits.

Self-Mastery – thinking like the person you want to become; make time to think
Focus – an intentional choice that stops you from drifting
People Power – gaining the support and cooperation of others; more than just talking
Persuasive Communication – understanding that it’s the impact of what you say, not how long you say it for
Execution – how can you implement more; you build a reputation based on what you do – not just good intentions
Giving – live to make the world a better place for others, you win too

Tried to make it as practical as possible. If you were there – what’s the biggest challenge for you in applying these ideas to your world?

I Love Leadership Development

Spent 30 minutes with a small group from Xcel Darlington early yesterday morning, talking leadership and starting to open up the topic. Loved it, haven’t done that for so long. Hope they found it worth while.

A jammed 30 mins full of the following…

…Exodus 18: Moses & the qualities of leaders, the way to increase your leadership capacity, levels of leading 10, 50’s, 100’s & 1000’s
…discussed some great questions: what makes a leader, how do you become a leader, are leaders born or made, why are they important?
…expectations v privileges: the willingness to do what it takes to be a leader and not just enjoy the reserved parking
…be the best you can be at the moment: stop looking ahead at the positions and be great at what you do now
…invest in yourself: become a learning machine, recommended read: You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader by Mark Sanborn. Get a copy here.

Next time round we will look at Rights v Responsibilities, amongst other stuff. All with the purpose of increasing our capacity, becoming the leaders God wants us to become, to grow Xcel Church Darlington.