The Next Generation

Friday night at Xcel Church is youth night. Has been for many years. We are determined and purposeful about reaching and releasing the next generation.

We will always believe in them.
We will always point them to Jesus.
We will always help them know more about Jesus.
We will always encourage them towards their destiny.
We will always give them opportunities to have a go an duse their gifts.
We will always do our best to not get in the way of them flourishing with God.
We will always pray for them.
We will always show genuine care for them, where they are right now and will be in the future.
We will always make space for the next generation.
We will always make sure that they know we are here for them.

If we don’t then the next generation will not discover how amazing they are and all that God has for them.

Big up to our amazing Planet Youth team who sacrifice every Friday night and more to pour their lives into a bunch of young people. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Play your part too. Do them a favour and pray for them, thank them and stand with them as they do all they can to reach and change a generation.