A Cleansed and Grateful Life

Your cleansed and grateful life will bear witness to what I have done. [Matthew 8:4]

Maybe I try too hard.

Maybe I feel that big is better when it comes to God.

Maybe I make it too much about me.

Walking with God is about putting my life on show bearing witness to all that He has done for me. Nothing speaks louder that a cleaned up life, a life filled with thankfulness, a life that recognises all that God has done.

I am learning that simple is always the best and most effective way she it comes to my relationship with God. In light of this verse I wonder if my life is such a life? How about yours?

God Says Things Worth Hearing

My previous post encouraged us to be people who say things that are worth hearing. Not just opinions for the sake of it but the right word spoken in the right way at the right time.

Today I want to remind you that God is always saying things worth hearing. It maybe an audible like cry, perhaps a whisper from heaven or even a gentle nudge that you just know is the Holy Spirit prompting you to a response.

So here’s my challenge this morning that I’m hopeful will encourage us all in our faith and in our walk with God: tell the story of your whisper.

How about we all share our experiences in the comments below and help others see that God isn’t just into the big stuff of life but very much a part of the everyday, mundane, little things too.

Here’s what to do:
1. Take a moment and describe a time when you heard a whisper from God/were aware of His prompting.

2. Explain how you responded.

3. It doesn’t have to be recent. It could be something from way back that had a meaningful impact on you.

Thanks for sharing!

What’s Your ONE Story?

Faith…it’s a wonderfully mysterious, yet powerful thing. Faith not just in anything or anyone. I mean faith in God. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. Many say that faith is the currency of heaven, its what God deals in.


Therein lies the quandary. I don’t want to move if God hasn’t already moved. Except I know he has already made an incredible move through Jesus, so my confidence should not be in the seeing of things but just in the knowing that God has my best in mind all the time.

If you didn’t want the best or believe the best for people then you wouldn’t give your best for them. Jesus would have never happened. I thank God for Jesus and live by faith because of who he is & what he has accomplished.

How is yours?
Is it active?
Are you stretching it?

Let’s build our faith.

We heard on Sunday from Lisa about all the ONE’s who had impacted her life. Who had made a difference. Who had encouraged, challenged, loved, prayed for her along the way. What about you…who were the ONE’s who impacted your life? Let’s share our faith stories & inspire one another to believe God for more..lives changed, family becoming Christians, financial miracles…hope you are up for telling your story below….

The YOU That Others See [2]

Already posted about this but I just need to say that I absolutely loved this morning. Great atmosphere. Great people and great encouragement from everyone during the preach…KEEP IT UP! So much more verbal than EVER!

BIG UP to the Band: thought they did a fab job…even without the drums. It can be difficult but everyone seemed up for it and sometimes when things aren’t as easy for you naturally is when you need God more. Good job guys!

I enjoy preaching in a series. This one…WILL THE REAL ME PLEASE STAND UP…is going really well!!
Last week we spoke about the YOU THAT GOD SEES.
Today it was the YOU THAT OTHERS SEE. Less wow, more ouch!

Challenge…what people might see v what people should see

Hey, good to be brutally honest. WE are the biggest turnover off to some when it comes to Church
Guard against giving people the chance to call you a hypocrite.
Put some alarm bells on your life
Don’t get lazy in your choices.
No one chooses to be a hypocrite you get there by drifting off course.

A life based purely on feelings will have the Church in trouble.
You need to demonstrate a life filled with faith…despite the circumstances.
Feelings are important but its faith that makes the difference

What can you NOT let go of?
All addictive behaviour is a control issue. What’s your addiction & can you let it go?
We don’t like letting go because we don’t have control – we become vulnerable

BUT…other need to see YOU living an open, honest life, demonstrating your faith…even through the difficult times. Be more careful in how you live life for maximum impact.

WHY? Your story told to the right person at the right time is a powerful weapon. Suddenly their view of you may change, it will open up a discovery that you have been through what they are going through. Difference = YOU HAD GOD!

Looking forward to hearing how this message has impacted people.